Investigating the Paranormal is a demanding and dangerous endeavor.  It doesn’t matter if you are attempting to gather evidence of Spirits, Sasquatch, UFOs, Aliens, Dogman (Werewolves), or a Conspiracy Theory of a Govt. Cover-Up.

All the above have some danger attached to it, however different the types of danger may be.  Anytime you deal with the unknown, expectations of your encounter will be “unknown.”  Until we are able to gather proper documentation of an event or have the ability to prove scientifically something exists, all data collected has to be considered “lacking.”  This does not mean the data collected is bad, it simply means we must be able to duplicate the results of any tests we preform.

However, with all that being said, Alien Wolf Productions has assembled a team of highly efficient investigators that are equipped and ready to investigate the most extreme cases.

Our special team is known as “RIP” or Remote Investigative Personnel.

RIP, are able to respond and investigate all extreme cases of the Paranormal.  Our team members have a variety of skills, from field medics, Science Backgrounds, Special Weapons and Tactics, Audio or Sound Technitions, Video and Camera Operations, just to name a few.

Any and all Paranormal Reports will be verified prior to the deployment of our specialized team.