Greetings everyone,

My name is Eddie Hill and I am the Owner/CEO of Alien Wolf Productions.

I want to welcome you to this explosive site of twisted imagination and the art of bringing this fascinating and truly unexplainable world we live in to life.

Alien Wolf Productions was an idea I had after I retired as a Police Sergeant. After 26 years on the force, I wanted to follow my true passion of following the Paranormal and creating horror shows based on actual sightings and folklore.

I was always told that I had a knack for writing and a very active imagination. Actually, my parents told me that I was just Bat Shit Crazy with ideas. With that being said, I decided to put my ideas to work for me.

Besides writing Television and Feature Film Scripts, I also Host Paranormal Analytical T.V. and Radio Shows. I have also worked on Set as a Weapons Specialist and Safety Officer.

I want to take this time to “Thank You” for stopping by Alien Wolf Productions.

We are experts in the creation of Horror and Paranormal Documentaries.

Allow us to guide you into the darkness of twisted minds and imagination.